Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's been a while since my last blog post. However, that does not mean I have not been taking pictures. I got behind and now the thought of doing that many blog post became overwhelming. So I decided that I'm not going to pressure myself to go back and instead I will start new and post the pictures that I took yesterday of Gable. If you would like to see what I've done in the past 6months you can go over to my facebook page and check out all the pictures there!

Gable is two today and we went out to Keeneland to do his photoshoot. Gable is all boy and full of fun energy. He holds tractors close to his heart and that is the theme of his birthday party. I love the pictures of him with the tractor, boots, and his guitar shirt, so adorable. Josh's favorites are those with his his straw fedora, a fashion statement they share. We had a great time out in the fabulous spring weather and here are a few of my favorites...

Monday, September 13, 2010

James and Karima's Reception

James and Karima were married this in a beautiful ceremony on the beach in Florida! They decided to have a reception to celebrate with all the friends and family that were unable to travel for the wedding. It was beach themed and beautifully decorated! I loved all the little details that were present! I also had the honor of taking engagement pictures for them last fall, if you would like to see those click here

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mrs. Kentucky Tourism 2010

Whitney is one of the amazing rapid response nurses that I work with at UK hospital. She is an excellent nurse and she is the International Mrs. Kentucky Tourism 2010! We did a photo shoot to get some pictures of her to put in the pageant program book and for some ad spaces that she has reserved. It was a fun time full of laughter and girlishness. Megan Butler was on hand for the make-up part of things and as usual she did a fantastic job! Here are my favorites!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy as a Bee

I've been so busy with nursing and photography lately. I actually thought that August was going to be a time for me to rest and catch up on things, and to some extent it has been. However, still so many things going on right now. I started a new job this week at UK working in a new unit! My first week was so good, I really think it's going to be a good move for me. So this is a new move, but as with most changes still a little stressful and out of my comfort zone. Secondly, I didnt have any wedding scheduled this month, but I am at no loss for business August and getting new clients every week! Exciting!! Even though I have no weddings, I still have many photo shoots planned and still planning more!

What I'm sharing with you today is a more personal post. Josh and I took a little mini-vacation down to Alabama to visit my Grandparents this first week of August! We had a great visit. Grandad and I decided to check out the progress of his bee hive. He robbed them a few months ago, but since it's been so dry they have not been able to replenish the hive to much of an extent. Bees are an amazing thing to study and learn about. The intricacies of their ways is so amazing that it's overwhelming that God could put such knowledge into something that is so small and most live only a few weeks.

Most of the time I take my camera with me, but dont really use it since my grandparents are not too fond of having their picture taken. This time, I was kicking myself for leaving my camera at home, but I borrowed grandad's camera for these pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

This is the smoker, we used cedar shaving which smell amazing. The smoke will make them sleepy. We really didnt need it much since the hive was pretty calm this morning.

In addition to honey bees also make glue that they seal the entire hive with. Everything had to be pried apart.

This is an empty honey comb.

There's honey in this one!

This is a grate that will prevent the queen from getting up into the top of the hive where all the honey is harvested from. There are boxes of empty comb stacked on top of this they will fill with honey. Below this is full of honey they will eat on through the winter and where the worker bees are born.

The bees enter through the bottom of the hive.

The entrance

And of coarse, what you've all been waiting for...ME in my fashion forward bee attire! I think it really show my figure and face off to their full advantage!