Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Fashion Shoot

Yet again my 8 South coworkers and I decided to have a fashion shoot. These were taken a few weeks ago when it's been doing a lot of that here lately. It was bitter cold and in a rough part of town, but we had fun and got some fabulous photographs! Sorry, I know this post is long overdue for those of you who have been waiting (Shanell). I hope you enjoy these and if you do please drop me a comment!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Garrett and Leeah in Downtown Lexington

Meet Garrett and Leeah, well I guess you already have a small bit since I posted one of their engagement photos for a contest! I will introduce you to them a little more. Josh and I met Garrett our freshmen year at UK, and we all became very good friends by playing killer pong, making trips to Mcdonalds and Dennys at 2am, and hanging out at the Baptist Student Union! Last Summer I believe Garrett met this wonderful lady and has fallen deeply in love with her and they are getting married in March! We set out on a VERY cold Sunday afternoon into downtown Lexington, KY to take some engagement photos! They were both so easy to photograph together and I had a blast taking these...and stealing Garrett's coat :P

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Heart Faces "We Heart Kisses" Challenge

This is Garrett and Leeah, a newly engaged/soon-to-be married couple that Josh and I are close friends with. We went to downtown Lexington KY to take some engagement pictures this Sunday and this is probably my favorite picture out of the entire lot. I love how they are being themselves by having fun and being goofy! I also love the yellow brick wall in the background. More pictures of Garrett and Leeah coming soon!

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