Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fight Girls

I had my first photo shoot with children this weekend. It included two precious sisters with different looks and personalities, but both beautiful and fun to shoot. I was a little nervous about doing children, but also excited and up for the challenge. After study others photography I pretty much decided that the pictures I liked best were when the kids were just being kid and doing what they do best...playing and exploring. So that's what I let these girls do. I was pretty much their paparazzi on the playground and around the pond at Jacobson Park. The girls loved the ducks, and oh how I wished that I had brought bread! Overall, I had a great time playing, spending time with the Fight girls, learning, and creating memories.


  1. Raye,
    Those are beautiful, especially the last one. Great job!

  2. Raye
    Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures. They will be treasured for a lifetime, and thanks to you I will always be able to look back at these pictures and remember my two girls as the angels they truely are.
    If you put as much passion into all of photo shoots as you did this one, you will be a great photographer.
    Thank you
    Amy Fight