Monday, October 19, 2009

Sarah and Eric

Meet Sarah and Eric. Sarah and I have worked together at the hospital for a year and a half. We are what keeps each other sane, in the insane environment. Sarah and Eric go all out for their Halloween costumes each year, and since I need to shoot people it just seemed right to do a photo shoot of my best friend and her husband looking fierce in their elvish garb.

Sarah is an elf queen and Eric is her dark elf body guard...ladies and gentlemen these costumes are intense! Eric's armor is make of real steel covered in leather. I would not mess with him if I were you!

I had a blast taking these amazing pictures, we all laughed almost the entire time. I laughed out loud sitting in a room by myself just editing them. I think the other photographers hanging out at Wavelend on Sunday were jealous of my outstanding subjects!


  1. Hey Raye!
    I love your blog! I think it is so cool you are doing photography. If I had more time, which I definitely don't, I would love to learn more about photography!
    Your pictures are beautiful. I might want you to take some of my boys for Christmas or something?
    I look forward to seeing all your great work.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Fun pictures. I partiularly like the one of him where the light is bouncing off his leather armor. And I love what she is wearing on her head.

    Happy Met Monday...

    Sheila :-)

  3. Great the subjects and the costumes are great.

  4. How fun! Excellent photos. I especially love that one at the end of her swirling the cape and he looks good in that one where he is holding the sword with 2 hands. LOVE IT.

    Happy Met Monday!

  5. How fun ! One of my "pretend" jobs is being a photographer :o) I love the pictures with the vibrant fall background colors !