Friday, April 16, 2010

Duff Wedding

It's hard to pick my favorites from these because there are so many that I am in love with. There are two reasons I think that there pictures are so good, the first reason is because they were game for anything. If I saw a cute place next to a tree that was through some bushes and halfway down a hill, their only reply was "give us time to get there". Slowly but surely Leeah would head down down the hill in all her wedding finery. The second and most important reason is because I was given time. When I give people a consultation and they ask, "How many pictures will I get?". I tell them that it's really up to them. The more time you give me the more pictures you will get, and they will be better more diversified too. I know that time is a hot commodity on your wedding day, but Garrett and Leeah made time after their reception to take pictures and we had fun driving around Huntington finding awesome places to shoot pictures! Here are a few of my favorites!


  1. Raye, I am completely speechless at your awesomeness. The ones with the arch, the one where the bride is looking back at the camera with all the green around it, and that last one are my favorites! You rock!

  2. Raye!!! These are amazing! My favs are the first one and the last one, but they are all really great.

  3. Raye! These are great! You get better and better and better!! Proud of you! :)