Friday, January 15, 2010

Make Over Before Pictures

I'm pretty excited about this post, and even more excited about the next one. These are some pictures of some girl friends from work. We got together and decided to do some rockin' awesome makeup (by Megan) and fun clothes. We had a blast as Megan painted us up and applied lashes...however before you can appreciate the final result I will give you the before pictures. I will post the fancy ones after I'm done editing them...ahhh the suspense. I'm working on my skills at photoshop with these and it's taking longer, but the results should be worth it! If you just can't wait then you can check out a few at Megan's blog for a preview of what's to come! These were taken at Megan's parents house which is amazingly beautiful.

These before pictures are completely unedited and we only have on foundation and powder. These girls are going to kill me for this post, even though they look fabulous without makeup. Just wait until I'm done with the other pictures...we will knock your socks off!

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