Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Make Up by Megan!

This post is in honor of my dear friend Megan Butler. I've work with Megan at UK hospital since she started back in May. We quickly became friends since we both have such a creative side and passion for art. Despite the fact that our primary passions are towards different types of art, we love to chat it up at 3am about new ideas and provide some much needed encouragement about our work.

Anyway, Megan has recently decided that she would love to make some money with her talent as a makeup artist. She was asked to participate as a model and makeup artist in a photo shoot by Laura Daniels, who shoots the senior pictures for Walden Photography (who also happen to be Megan's parents). Here is the link to her brand new blog and a few of the photos from the shoot, with more to come.

We are going to have some fabulous photos to add to our portfolio (and blogs) soon since we are planning on doing a joint photo shoot this Saturday with some friends! It's going to be fabulous!!

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