Monday, March 1, 2010

Frankfort in February and Living Room Project

I just did some painting and remodeling in my living room. Since this room was a neutral color and the walls were not in bad shape it was one room that I decided could wait a little later for my womans touch. I had a few days off and decided to put them to good use by painting and having Josh and Kenneth put up some chair rail. Here's the before and after.

This is before we moved in...eww

This was after we moved in...

And this is the finished project... for now.

I'm pretty happy with it. I wanted color, but not the entire room to be one color. Which is why I went with the chair rail. HOWEVER, if you didnt notice my walls are empty, completely void of artwork or nail hole. I decided that instead of going out and finding a picture from a store I would try to go out and photograph some lovely sites in the local area. So last Saturday Josh and I headed to his hometown and our state capitol...Frankfort.

We went to many places and I was pretty happy with the pictures considering that the day was a little drab, overcast, and cold. We headed down to the river which is a beautiful green color that was stunning along side one of the rusted old bridges. We also went to the Forks of Elkhorn Creek where there is a dam/water fall. My favorite pictures came from Liberty Hall (old house/museum) where I found a large patch of yellow crocuses (I think). These little flowers were quite stunning sitting a top of the snow that had not yet melted. The last stop was my in-law's house where I snapped a few pictures of the horses and birds that were gathering around the feeders.

So here are some of the pictures. I've ordered large prints of some of these for my living room and probably other places around the house since this is not the only room in the house where I have neglected the walls. Please let me know what you think and if you like any of these let me know and I will quote you a price on a print! Also, keep on the lookout because I ordered extra prints and I may have a giveaway soon!!

Forks of Elkhorn

Leaf that was trapped under the water.

Liberty Hall

Stunning, right?

Kentucky River and Old RR Bridge

The Scott's Farm

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  1. I think they're all good...but I especially like the birds. You'll have to put some updated pics of your living room after you hang some prints.