Saturday, March 13, 2010

Living Room Update,Give Away, and Awesome Coupon Code

I just thought I would update you on how my quest to cover my living room walls is going. I am pretty happy about what I have, however I do plan to redo it slightly in the future (when life slows down). So here is the before picture of my living room walls again.

And here they are now...

Not bad I think. The only thing is that it was going to be like $25 (at 60% off) at Michael's for just a mat for my 16x20 photos so Josh and I decided to just use heavy poster board. Well, as you can probably see in the picture it is starting to bubble a little bit. However, the other day I saw that hobby lobby sells sheets of large mat board for around $8! So I plan to replace the ghetto mats as soon as I can get a hobby lobby coupon! I plan to get more pictures hung around my house soon! I just ordered some wedding photos that I am going to frame and hang up!

As promised I have extra prints and I am going to giveaway three of them! The pictures of the extras are posted below, but here's how you can win. I will be drawing next Saturday for the winner. You can get your name in the pot once by leaving a comment on my blog with your top three picks if you win, once again for becoming a follower of my blog (click on the "follow" button to the left), and once more for sharing this about this giveaway on your blog or facebook! If you are already a follower just tell me in your comment and I will add your name again and if you posted about this giveaway let me know in your comment! Here are the prints you could win, there are three 8x10s and four 16x20 prints.

One more thing that I am so excited to share with you! I found out about a website via Saving Money Living Life that prints photobooks called Picaboo. They are having an AWESOME deal for a FREE 20 page photobook. You just pay for shipping and handling $8.99! You can add more pages for $1.99 per page. This deal ends March 31st so hurry up and get your pictures together. I instantly decided to see if this deal would work, because I have heard about deals like this and as they say, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". But this deal is the real thing! Just click here and give them your email address. You have to download their software to design the book, but I think that it was all very easy! I just received my book in the mail on Thursday! I did a portfolio for my business, but this would make a great present for Mother's Day or any day! Here's my new photobook!

Click here if you want to view my entire album online.

In photography news, I am happy to announce that I book another wedding this week! This makes a total of three I will be doing this year so far! I also hope to start doing engagement, family, kids, and any other type of photoshoot I can as soon as the weather makes everything green and pretty!

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  1. Thanks for linking to us! So glad you could use the photo book! :) Love it when deals like that do ring true!
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